Whatever the breed, age or disposition of your dog, the Tailwagger Club offers a range of activities to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing, strengthen your mutual bond … and generally get their tails wagging.

Based in Leeds and Harrogate, we offer pet dog training, KC Good Citizen Scheme, behavioural consultations and a full range of other services. Classes are held at various locations in Leeds, Harrogate and Otley on week day evenings. The club’s team of instructors includes 4 APDT trainers, 2 Level 1 SATS (Synalia Animal Training System) trainers and four Kennel Club approved examiners, two for all GCDS levels and two for Silver.

At the Tailwagger Club we only use kind, fair and effective reward-based training techniques, based on a modern understanding of canine learning. We do not allow the use of choke chains or prong collars in classes and will offer owners alternative, kinder ways to teach their pets.

The Tailwagger Club is committed to helping both dogs and their handlers reach their full potential in whatever field of training they wish to pursue within our scope of knowledge.


Keep up to date with what’s going on here at the Tailwagger Club by reading our News page.




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