K9 Check

www.k9check.co.uk aims to assist in improving the health and well being of animals by providing factual, verified information on which prospective owners can make good decisions.

K9 Check Objectives (taken from their website)

  • Provide a means for all owners of pedigree and crossbreed dogs to contribute information on the health and wellbeing of their dogs to an international  database
  • To ensure that all data submited is verified by qualified veterinary practitioners
  • Make all data is readily and easily available to all interested parties*
  • Ensure the data is analysed in a meaningful and impartial way
  • To assist in legitimate research projects, designed to improved animal health and welfare
  • To work with Vets and other appropriate professionals to refine and develop the way we collect and use data.

To enable them to fulfill these objectives they need your help to build their database. Visit K9 Check’s website for further information and to submit your data to them.

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