WARNING – Dog Snatch Attempt in Roundhay Park

Please be careful if you walk your dog in Roundhay Park.

We have received the statement below from Penny, a Tailwagger Club Training Assistant.

“A friend of mine was walking her dog there about 3 weeks ago and saw a man walking round holding a collar and lead and he followed her a couple of times. She was back there this week and spoke to another lady who told her that a couple of weeks ago she was mugged for her dog by a couple of men. Even though she was calling out and trying to fight them off no one came to help her. The men were trying to get the lead off her dog but it was wearing a coat over a harness which made it difficult. Eventually they gave up and ran off. The police were not interested as, in their words, “it’s only a dog”! However when she told the park warden he said that the police are supposed to inform them when anything like that occurs in the park and they had not done so in this case, even though the lady had insisted on getting a crime number. Roundhay Park is now down to two park wardens and these might be cut completely.”


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