Display Team

Tailwagger Club Display Team (Photo: Neil Broome)

Tailwagger Club Display Team (Photo: Neil Broome)

The Club is lucky to have a large squad of enthusiastic handlers and dogs willing to represent it at shows, events etc. The current display is a mix of obedience, agility, tricks and musical sequences. In addition we can provide day-long activities such as agility have-a-go, Tailwagger Tournament and GCDS demonstrations and testing for day or multiple day events.

All club dogs who have reached a basic level of obedience and who are happy to mix with people and other dogs are welcome and encouraged to join the Display Team. The current squad includes novice dogs who have completed one 6-week course through to experienced ‘Post-Gold’ members.

The team is available throughout the summer to perform at shows and events. All profits from the Team go to the Club’s selected Charity of the year.

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