A Note about Disabled Dogs

Kiri is an Irish Setter and she is blind. That hasn’t stopped her gaining her Gold Good Citizen Award or going to Crufts in the KCGC Gold Display Team.

Please don’t write off dogs with a disability. Despite what is sometimes said, blind and deaf dogs can be trained.

Dogs that lose a limb normally do really well on 3 legs. At least one even competes in agility!

So please give them a chance. No dog should be euthanased just because it is disabled. We have experience with disabled dogs – please talk to us if we can help.

Kiri, the Irish setter, is totally blind but it doesn’t stop her doing the things any sighted dog does and a lot more besides. Read the articles here for more stories about Kiri.

Kiri at Crufts 2007

Article by Steven Glazzard from the ISBC Newsletter Winter 2007 about Kiri’s trip to Crufts in the KCGC Gold Display team.

Tails of Achievement

Kiri came third in Tails of Achievement in 2006. Angela entered her again in 2007. This is her application which gives more information about what Kiri has achieved.

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