Pendlebury’s Dog Grooming Arrives at Touch Canine Centre!

We are delighted to introduce Pendlebury’s Dog Grooming who have joined us and Black Dog Hydrotherapy at Touch Canine Centre, Harrogate. Angela, owner of Tailwagger Club, highly recommends Pendlebury’s for the high standard of care they give every dog in their care.

Pendlebury’s Dog Grooming brings 20 years experience of grooming in a kind, compassionate and professional style.

You can contact Pendlebury’s Grooming via:

Phone: 01423 772944 / 01943 880525

Mobile: 07977 152774 / 07974 226852

Email: /

Please help us end Puppy Farming

The BBC2 The Daily Politics Show yesterday featured a campaign headed up with Marc Abraham, well known TV Vet, to bring an end to puppy farming. You can see the VT that was featured together with more detailed information on the BBC website here.

A Government e-petition launched by Pup Aid  gathered over 100,000 signatories and is therefore eligible to be brought before the House of Commons to be debated. For this to happen an MP must make a case to The e-petitions House of Commons Backbench Business Committee for their consideration and it is is that committee who will decide if this is or isn’t put forward for debate. It is therefore imperative that we all lobby our MPs to take this matter forward.

Pup Aid is the driving force behind this campaign and you can find out much more on this subject by visiting their website.


Congratulations are in Order!

On Sunday 2nd February 2014 we held our very own Post Gold tests at Touch Canine Centre in Harrogate. Post Gold tests follow on from KC Good Citizen Gold Award……there’s always something to aim for here at Tailwaggers!  There are currently 5 levels to aim for Advanced, Premier, Elite, Platinum Level 1 and Platinum Level 2.


We had 8 passes at Advanced:


Harvey and Charlotte Simons
Sam and Mark Lofthouse
Tia and Jill Blackburn
Dill and Freya Brosnan
Pip and Pat Hedley
Poppy and Kay Webb
Dylan and Jane Hartharn
Jack and Wendy Withington

We then had 2 Premier passes:


Blue and Jean Planitzer
Pippin and Sue Moore


At our highest level (until we invent more!) we had 3 Platinum Level 2 passes:


Digger and Julie Addyman
George and Jennie Wall
Megan and Angela Lowrie


Congratulations everyone!!  What brilliant achievements both you and your dog have made.



A Wonderful Success Story!

Tess, the little terrier, started training with us after trying other training organisations. She reacted the second she saw a dog, even if it was 2 fields away, and had attacked and bitten other dogs in the past.

It’s not been a quick fix, Tess and her owner Alison have had to work hard but Tess now works in a full class of dogs and has gained her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and Silver awards! She is currently working for Gold!

She has the biggest set of teeth for a dog her size that I have ever seen!!! When she relaxes her lips fall back so this photo is the result!!….it’s almost as if she is holding one of those toys that look like a set of teeth!!

tessie relaxing

WARNING – Dog Snatch Attempt in Roundhay Park

Please be careful if you walk your dog in Roundhay Park.

We have received the statement below from Penny, a Tailwagger Club Training Assistant.

“A friend of mine was walking her dog there about 3 weeks ago and saw a man walking round holding a collar and lead and he followed her a couple of times. She was back there this week and spoke to another lady who told her that a couple of weeks ago she was mugged for her dog by a couple of men. Even though she was calling out and trying to fight them off no one came to help her. The men were trying to get the lead off her dog but it was wearing a coat over a harness which made it difficult. Eventually they gave up and ran off. The police were not interested as, in their words, “it’s only a dog”! However when she told the park warden he said that the police are supposed to inform them when anything like that occurs in the park and they had not done so in this case, even though the lady had insisted on getting a crime number. Roundhay Park is now down to two park wardens and these might be cut completely.”


Seasonal Canine Illness – A Warning!

Seasonal Canine Illness is not widely known. The disease comes on very quickly, usually within 24-72 hours of having walked in a woodland area. The most common clinical signs reported are:

Diarrhea (which can vary from watery to bloody)
Tummy (abdominal) pain
Lethargy (or reluctance to move)
Loss of appetite
Shaking or trembling
High temperature (fever)
The most common clinical signs are sickness, diarrhea and lethargy. If you suspect your dog is showing symptoms of SCI then please contact your vet immediately.