Castley Farm Kennels

One of our former Display Team members, Sophie Prestwich, has recently opened her very own kennels, Castley Farm Kennels at Castley near Otley.

You can find out everything you need to know on their website.

Two of our team dogs are already booked in for their first stay!


Doris Banham Dog Rescue

Trudie James founded this dog rescue in honour of her mother, Doris Banham. They take dogs from pounds and from members of the public; all of the dogs would have been put to sleep if they hadn’t taken them in. When the volunteers go to the pound they take whatever dogs are in danger; they may be disabled, ill or have behavioural problems, but they are never left behind. They never put a dog to sleep regardless of the problems it has unless it is too ill to recover, is suffering and will die, in which case we take the decision, along with a vet, to put the dog to sleep.

Everyone at Doris Banham Dog Rescue are volunteers, they give their time and efforts freely and will not turn their backs on a dog in need.

Please take some time to go look at their website.

Test Day Successes!

We held our last test day on 16th October, here is the list of all our successes. Well done to everyone!

Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award

Bailey Southworth handled by Lynn
Cloud Washington-Naish handled by Joan
Sloan Meyer handled by Jesci
Ozzie handled by Anna
Sapphi Wilson handled by Sam
Blue Planitzer handled by Jean
Caleb Brenke handled by Kat
Taz Moore handled by Beverly

Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Award

Holly Hillsdone handled by Diana
Maalika Thompson handled by Angela
Sloan Meyer handled by Jesci
Monty Wren-Kirkham handled by Maria
Bertie Leedall handled by Penny
Cloud Waddington-Naish handled by Joan
Bailey Southworth handled by Lynn
Sapphi Wilson handled by Sam
Millie Wall handled by Jennie

Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award

Badger Parker handled by Rev. John
Sherlock Sharp handled by Frank
Ginny Bricknell handled by Monica
Juneau Cordran handled by Carolyn
Lily Wiltshire handled by Nikki
Holly Illingworth handled by Karen
Norman Gordois handled by Jane
Poppy Webb handled by Kay
Archie Meredith handled by Lisa

Tailwagger Club Advanced Test

Pass is 112 out of 150 = 75%

Phoebe Mowbray – 129/150 = 86%
Queg Southworth – 145/150 = 97%
Otis Robinson – 144/150 = 96%
Barney Hodgson – 132/150 = 88%
Martha Lewis – 117.5/150 = 78%

Tailwagger Club Premier Test

Bob (more details to follow)

Tailwagger Club Elite Test

Pass 136 out of 160 = 85%

Benji Smith 146/160 = 91.3%
Cilla Bell 140/160 = 87.5%
Digger Addyman 148/160 = 92.5%

The Beagle Welfare Scheme – Petition Plea

The Beagle Welfare Scheme are campaigning to eliminate the use of Beagles in experimentation for scientific purposes. They are working with the Kennel Club and a parliamentary group headed by Zac Goldsmith MP to bring to the fore this abhorrant practice.

The Government are looking to abolish animal experimentation for domestic and household products in the UK by the end of the year. However the bigger aspect of scientific research is going to be a much bigger nut to crack.

An online petition has been instigated which requires 100,000 signatures to become eligible for questions to be tabled in Parliament to address this matter. At the moment the petition only has just over 2,500 signatures, if you feel strongly please add your name to the petition.

A group of professionals & parents against the use of animal testing have set up the group ‘Safer Medicines for our Children’. They are campaigning for the modernisation of medical research methods to benefit human health. They have two further petitions which you can find here.

Please share this plea to enable the petitions to get maximum coverage.