Angela Lowrie (MAPDT 00752)

Angela is the founder and owner of the Tailwagger Club and heads the training team.

She is an APDT trainer and also serves as an assessor for the Association’s selection process for applicants. A certified SATS trainer, Angela carries out behaviour consultations, much of the individual training undertaken by the club and runs the Trainer Development Programme. A Kennel Club approved examiner for all levels of the Good Citizen Dog scheme, Angela is also an assessor of examiners.

Angela’s interests in the dog world are competition obedience and the development of the Tailwagger Club’s display team. She has four dogs : Ralf and Rowan, the Gordon setter twins, Kiri, the Irish setter and Dan, the Border Collie.The photo is of Angela and Kiri, who were part of the GCDS Gold display team at Crufts 2007.


Isobel Towers (MAPDT 00806)

Isabel entered her crossbreed Sheba into the first class the Tailwagger Club ran in 2003, where she got bitten by the training bug! She has been an instructor with the club ever since. She is a member of the APDT, registered as a Dog AID (Assistance in Disability) trainer, and an assessor of the Kennel Club Good Citizenship Scheme at Bronze and Silver levels. Isabel especially loves working with beginner puppies and “difficult” adult dogs. She is also interested in competitive obedience, and is hoping to train her Alaskan malamute, Teddy-Bojo, to compete. Isabel enjoys playing (training) with her dogs, and is always ready to try new things with them.



Colette Smith (MAPDT 01047)

Colette has been involved with dogs (mainly German Shepherds) her whole life and has always had a love of animals – she currently has six pets in total. Her dog training ability was ultimately put to the test 5 years ago with the arrival of her first small dog – a hyper, yappy, stubborn Bichon Frise named Mia.
Colette has never accepted the limitations that some Toy Dog breeders promote: their unsuitability for dog sports, limited training capacity, “not well suited for country rambles” etc. She began participating in a wide array of dog events: KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme, obedience, flyball, heelwork to music & agility. She regularly hikes long distances with her pint size companions and has recently started accompanying her teenage daughter in Cani-Cross (cross country running with dogs). Colette has successfully completed the Tailwagger Trainer Development Programme and is a member of the APDT. She has attended various workshops & seminars. The photo is of Colette & Mia at Crufts 2008; after qualifying at an international agility festival, the pair had the opportunity to compete at Crufts and after a successful run came away with a second in their category.


PhotobucketRachel Smalley (MAPDT 00962)

Rachel has been teaching classes for Tailwagger Training for 8 years, and teaches classes of all levels, from beginner puppy and adult dog classes, to advanced post gold classes.

She has been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers since 2005.

Rachel has been a team leader taking teams of dogs and handlers from Tailwagger classes to Crufts to participate in the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Displays and Demonstrations at both Puppy and Bronze levels. She has also participated in Kennel Club Good Citizens Displays herself with one of her family dogs at Gold level, and was also part of the Kennel Club Main Arena Display Team, participating in 4 Main Arena Displays at Crufts 2008.

Rachel is also a Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme examiner for Bronze and Silver levels.

Rachel is one of only a handful of S.A.T.S Trainer 1.1 (Syn Alia Training Systems) in the North of England, and is always keen to attend courses to improve her knowledge and learn about new techniques. She has attended courses by Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, Barbara Sykes, Dee Ganley, Kayce Cover and Roger Abrantes, and has completed an MJ First Aid Training Canine First Responder course.

Rachel enjoys teaching classes and equipping dogs and handlers with the practical skills required in day to day life, and believes that training and classes should be fun and enjoyable for both dogs and handlers.


PhotobucketSam Foster

Sam has been an assistant trainer since late 2008 and now takes classes on a Wednesday night at Clifton (Nr Otley) with Cathy. Sam has only been training dogs since early 2008 when he adopted his first dog – Bracken, he is a Chocolate lab cross and was only 9 months when Sam adopted him. He was taken to the Bradford RSPCA in November 2007 because his owner could not control him on lead, Sam’s family adopted him in January 2008.
Sam loves taking his dogs on long walks and enjoys working Bracken in the Display Team. Sam also has Saffron (adopted in July 2009), another Lab cross rescue dog that he has overcome behavioural issues with. Sam has many animals including his two dogs, a cat, 3 lizards, 2 snakes and several tropical fish.
Sam is the youngest member of the training team and the only male, but he does not let this phase him, he is always willing to get stuck in. Sam has an enthusiastic love for all animals and has just completed his foundation degree in Animal Health and Welfare at Leeds City College (Horsforth), with a view to becoming a Veterinary nurse.
Sam’s other hobbies and interests include: Scouting, Hiking, Display Team, Climbing, Archery, Caving, camping and many other outdoor activities.


Jennie Wall

Dogs have always been part of Jennie’s life and she currently owns and trains George and Millie. Both are cross breed, rescue dogs and are part of the Tailwagger Dog Display team. She has taken part in obedience competitions with George.

She joined the Tailwagger training club in 2008 and became a training assistant at the end of 2009.

She enjoys attending courses to further her knowledge of training methods and to learn more about what makes dogs tick! She has attended courses led by Nina Bondarenko, James French, Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and Roger Abrantes and has completed an M J First Aid Training Canine First Responder course and has also be attended a course on the Tellington T Touch technique. She has successfully completed the in-house Tailwagger Trainer Development Programme and attained trainer status.

She enjoys working with handlers and dogs and helping them to bring out the best in each other.


Penny Leedal (MAPDT 01274, Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1)

Penny has been a trainer with The Tailwagger Club since 2012 and became a member of the APDT in October 2015.  She takes classes at Touch on Wednesday evenings and is qualified to assess the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme for Bronze and Silver levels.  Penny is also a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, having qualified in March 2015, and is a member of the Tellington TTouch Guild.  She runs workshops throughout the year.

Penny has always loved animals and a motley assortment of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and tortoises have all been part of her life at some time.  In 2009, soon after her rescue dog, Bertie, came to live with her she enrolled in training classes with Tailwaggers and also attended a Tellington TTouch workshop.  She was soon ‘bitten by the bug’ and started training as a dog trainer with the Tailwagger Club and enrolled on a workshop to begin training as a TTouch practitioner.

Penny also has a Reiki 1 Certificate and is a Canine First Responder.  She is always looking to advance her knowledge in dog training and behaviour and has attended many courses and seminars including Ian Dunbar, Chirag Patel, Grisha Stewart (BAT), Craig Ogilvie (Interactive Play), Jo-Rosie Haffenden (Real Dog Yoga), Jane Killion (Puppy Culture), Claudia Fugazza (Do as I Do), Ken Ramirez and Brenda Aloff.

Penny’s other interests include sewing, knitting, reading and driving vintage cars and motorcycles.


Carol Lewis – Canine First Responder Instructor

Carol worked as a Ward Sister for 25yrs at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. After joining the Tailwagger Club she attended a Canine First Aid course with MJ Training, an international training company. This led Carol to progress onto the Canine First Responder Instructor Course.



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