Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

The Tailwagger Club offers training and assessment to all levels: Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. We also have an approved KCGC Assessor for all levels. The training levels are progressive and, with the exception of the Puppy Foundation which is optional, must be taken in order.


Responsibility and care, cleanliness and identification, response to name, play with puppy, socialisation: placid unknown dog, unknown person, unexpected noise, handling to maintain health, puppy recall, sit, down, stand, walk in a controlled manner, stay (10 secs), take article away from the puppy, food manners


Cleanliness and identification, putting on collar and lead correctly, walk on lead without distractions, control in doorway, controlled walk among people and dogs, stay on lead (1 minute), grooming, examination by owner, recall, responsibility and care.


Play with dog, road walk, recall, stay (2 minutes), get in and out of car under control, come away from distractions, controlled greeting, food manners, examination by stranger, responsibility and care


Road walk, recall to handler’s side, walk free beside handler, stay down (2 minutes, with 30 seconds out of sight), send to bed, stop the dog, relaxed isolation, food manners, examination by a stranger, responsibility and care.

Full details of all the tests are available on the Kennel Club website.

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